Father’s Day in Australia, just like everywhere around the world, is one day in a year set aside to honor men and fathers in general. But if you have a keen eye for details, you might have noticed before that Australia celebrates Father’s Day on a different day than the usual International Father’s Day. Ever wondered why is that?

Today let’s try to find some answers to that question, and while you’re at it, why not look for some excellent gift ideas online to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day 2024 Australia? But first, let’s turn back to the real question at hand – Why is the date different?

The Interesting History of Father’s Day in Australia

You might look at the Father’s Day celebrations around you today and think “Oh how fun and adorable!!!” but, as is the case with most good things, the early days that this holiday saw weren’t too kind to it.

Father’s Day was an idea that was only incorporated into the Aussie culture after the word spread around the world about the US, which had started recognizing such a celebration. There’s no exact date when the idea of Father’s Day reached Australia. But what we do know is, that this “idea” received a lot of hate, mockery, and backlash from the majority of the community, even more so than the US.

It is speculated that the idea of Father’s Day first floated around in the 1910s, around the same time it was thought of in the US. When many people came to know about this, they started criticizing it, expressing how it was demeaning to men and how unnecessary it was. For the next couple of decades, there were articles and columns in the Newspapers that made fun of Father’s Day, both men and women. Some people still tried to raise their voices among all this hate to consider it as a celebration for fathers and fatherhood, but those voices never landed on an ear.

But in the 1930s things did start to look a bit up, when many churches called for special services honoring Joseph for being the ideal example of a father to Christ, and then expanding it to include all fathers in general. This was the time when some people started to write in favor of the celebration in the newspapers which started to get the wind. And they kept on getting better and finally in 1956, the Father’s Day Council of Australia was founded and it was soon a recognized holiday.

Why a different day though?

Now it seems odd that even though the holiday was derived from the US, it is celebrated on a day that really doesn’t make much sense. Well, some people did actually celebrate it on the third Sunday of June but there’s no clue as to why the first Sunday in September was chosen as the official date.

Some speculate that it was for marketing reasons since September is the time of spring in Australia and many “common” gifts for men included camping and fishing gear, sports equipment, etc. which were all activities that you’d take up around spring. Others think that it was to prevent “holiday fatigue” and interestingly, when you think about it, it makes sense. According to this, Father’s Day was pushed to September so that there was a fairly equal gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the year. Anyway whatever the reason is, we’re glad that the day is celebrated in such wholesome manners today by everyone.

When is Father’s Day Celebrated?

If you’re wondering “When is Father’s Day 2024 Australia”, you might want to mark your calendars down for the 1st of September, which is the first Sunday of the month. Start making a plan now about how you want to spend the day with your dad and what gifts are you going to give so that you can make his special day one to remember!

Father’s Day Dates Australia

Here’s a list of Father’s Days in Australia, Including the Date and Day.

Father’s Day 2024 AustraliaSep 1, 2024Sunday
Father’s Day 2025 AustraliaSep 7, 2025Sunday
Father’s Day 2026 AustraliaSep 6, 2026Sunday
Father’s Day 2027 AustraliaSep 5, 2027Sunday

Father’s Day Dates US

Here’s a list of Father’s Days US, Including the Date and Day.

Father’s Day 2024June 16, 2024Sunday
Father’s Day 2025June 15, 2025Sunday
Father’s Day 2026June 21, 2026Sunday
Father’s Day 2027June 20, 2027Sunday